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A Part of Your Team

MHP has an internal marketing team but they were looking for support. They wanted to increase their ROI on their Instagram advertising. We were able to work alongside their internal marketing team to help with strategy, targeting, creative, and reporting of their campaigns. In four months we were able to assist their internal team and increase their sales by 300%.


Defining Your Audience

Completing comprehensive research on successful creative is essential in determining what consumers are interested in. We not only look into what your followers are interested in but what competitive brands are producing as well.

Data Driven

Most marketing teams aren’t leveraging the full potential of the software they have or the software available. We provide data analytics that helps to improve engagement and ROI on your campaigns.


Ages 18-34

A significant part of MHP’s target audience is between the ages of 18-30. Over 60% of the users on Instagram are between the ages of 18-24. We recommended that MHP A/B test their campaigns on Facebook and Instagram and Instagram clearly came on top.

First Touch

60% of users first hear about a brand or product on Instagram. Our goal is not just to reach your current customers but to bring new customers to the brand. Instagram was a great platform to reach users unfamiliar with the MHP brand.


New v. Returning Customers


473% ROI

$4+ Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) – That’s over $4,000 in sales for every $1,000 in ad spend.


Ad Spend

In 4 months MHP had spent over $7k in Ad Spend on Instagram.

In Sales

In that 4 month period, we were able to help MHP receive Over $42k in sales.

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