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Create A Better Strategy

Devotion Nutrition had worked with agencies in the past that would push discounts and promotions to try and reach new customers. These campaigns were not successful. Two of the most important factors in social advertising is creative, and strategy. We only work within the health and fitness industry. We know what certain audiences are interested in. We create campaigns around your target audience. A user interested in Weight Watchers is completely different than an audience interested in CrossFit. Devotion Nutrition’s products are a perfect fit for both audiences, but these audiences need to be approached differently.


Defining Your Audience

Doing research on your brand’s audience is essential to increasing ROI and increasing your customer base. We review your current customer/user base on all social platforms and research relevant search terms on Google and Amazon.


Audience-specific content is essential to success in digital advertising. We define your audience into specific demographic groups and create content that is not only relevant but highly engaging. Your product/service will typically meet the needs of many people, we help you define those audiences.


New Customers

We like to approach most brands with the Pareto Principle. 20% of your customers produce 80% of your sales. Based on this principle, we put 80% of your ad spend towards acquiring new customers and 20% towards retargeting your current base.

Lookalike Users

We helped Devotion create a lookalike audience based on their top converting users. This audience has similar interests to their 20% and is likely to convert. Moreover, most agencies won’t exclude those users who have been past customers. We confirm these new customers are truly new.


New v. Returning Customers


722% ROI

$7+ Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) – That’s over $7,000 in sales for every $1,000 in ad spend.


Ad Spend

In 3 months Devotion had spend nearly $6k in Ad Spend on Facebook and Instagram.

In Sales

In that 3 month period, we were able to help Devotion receive nearly $49k in sales.

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